Is your posture making you look like Aunt Millie?

Is your posture making you look like Aunt Millie?

When you catch your reflection in the mirror, are you noticing that your posture is looking more like an old person? Aunt Millie is a hoot and all, but do you really want to have inherited her posture?

Do you often find yourself slouching forward when on your phone, typing on the computer or watching a video on your phone?

Tech neck is a term that describes repetitive strain to the neck due to improper neck position when using viewing electronic screens. Of course, it is not limited only devices, reading a book can give you the same strained neck. 

When your neck leans forward for extended periods, the tension in the muscles and the pressure on your cervical spine increases, which can cause a number of symptoms. 

1. Dull ache in the back of the neck

Initially, the ache is mild. However, if you continue to strain your neck, the pain increases in intensity. You may experience relief when lying down or when taking a break from work or staring at screens. 

2. Headaches 

Headaches may seem unrelated to neck strain. However, if the nerves in your neck get pinched due to strain, it not only causes local pain but can also cause pain at the base of the skull. 

3. Stiffness in the neck and shoulders 

Slouching may also cause your shoulders and neck muscles to feel stiff, tense, and immobile. Stiffness caused by tech neck usually gets better with rest, improved posture, and massage therapy. 

4. Numbness in the arms and hands

In severe cases, the nerve running from the base of your neck to the arms and hands may become damaged. Since nerves control movements and sensations, nerve damage results in numbness and tingling in the arms and hands. 

We guarantee that Comfortably Numb® pain relieving formulations can help tech neck sufferers by relaxing the muscles and tension in the neck to carry on with your day. We also recommend finding a good chiropractor for a good adjustment as well as a trusted massage therapist to loosen muscles and increase circulation to the neck. 

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