Our (Condensed) Story

When Moko Organics started creating organically-infused products in 2016, we were determined to create a perfect pain-reliever. After months of research, we formulated the ideal balance of anti-inflammatory herbs and oils to create Comfortably Numb® Deep Tissue Pain-Relieving Roll-on. It didn’t take long before we were convinced Comfortably Numb® was going to be our signature product due to the overwhelming positive feedback from our customers. We also knew that this unique angle on topical pain relievers spoke to a different generation about their views on muscle rubs. 

We had to bring this magical oil to the masses and give them a convenient way to be comfortably numb throughout their day. 

Let’s just throw in the cool name of this product – widely recognized by people as the infamous Pink Floyd song - and Comfortably Numb® is the perfect pain reliever for everyone with stiff necks, bad backs, migraines, wrist or ankle pain – or even to give as a gift for the classic rock enthusiast with a bum knee. We also are thrilled that we nabbed the Comfortably Numb® trademark for topical analgesics. With a little hit of 70s vibe, a little rock-and-roll and a lot of punch, We are convinced that Comfortably Numb® has officially turned muscle rub cool.

We are obsessed with our amazing customers. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us.

Only Love.

 - Mara