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Moko Organics

Bone, Tissue & Cartilage Balm

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THE NAME SAYS IT ALL! This small jar is a must-have for everyone's natural & herbal medicine cabinet. Some of the most potent & healing herbs are infused in this balm which may bring fast and amazing results to sprains, strains, broken bones, torn ligaments, scrapes, burns & swelling. Beeswax and shea butter are added to the balms to create a spreadable consistency of love. 

  • Sprains, strains & bruises
  • Broken bones & torn ligaments
  • Dislocations & joint injuries
  • Sunburn, razor burn, scrapes & bruises
  • Any injury or trauma which needs fast healing

Our Bone, Tissue & Cartilage Balm harnesses the power of organic herbs and adds a silky texture for an unbeatable healing experience! Pamper yourself with this luxe balm and enjoy the smoothness it delivers while it mends your troubled pain. Get ready to heal up quickly!

* PLEASE NOTE: Bone, Tissue & Cartilage Balm does not have the "pain-relieving" qualities of Comfortably Numb®, but rather an infusion of herbs to help soothe chronic pain, arthritis and injuries. Unlike the Comfortably Numb® roll-ons which gives you a cooling and heating sensation, this balm provides nothing but soothing comfort. No hot or cold here - just unadulterated chill vibes!

Directions for Use

Apply a dime-sized amount of Bone Tissue & Cartilage Balm onto injured area of your body as needed.

Works amazingly well after COMFORTABLY NUMB®, due to the DMSO bringing the healing herbs deep into the tissues.

Can be applied and covered with ACE bandage. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.  Do not apply to open or broken skin.  Keep out of reach of children.  Pregnant women consult health care professional before use.


Jojoba oil*, beeswax, shea butter, hempseed oil*, comfrey root*, oak bark*, gravel root*, mullein*, lobelia*, wormwood*, marshmallow root*, skullcap*, walnut bark*, frankincense, copaiba & cypress therapeutic-grade essential oils, Vitamin E. *denotes organic ingredient. See Benefits of Ingredients for botanical names and more information.

Benefits of Ingredients

Mullein leaves are also mucilaginous in action both internally and externally but have the added benefit of aiding the endocrine system in balancing hormones - which are the messaging system of the body. It is an anti-inflammatory and high in trace minerals.

Gravel Root - also called Queen of the Meadow for its ability to breakdown unwanted buildup such as stones and arthritic deposits. This powerful blood purifier is also used to rebuild damaged nerves - both internally and externally.

 Skullcap is an herb used to repair nerve damage - especially on the surface like abrasions known as "road rash" or any other minor to moderate skin damage.

White Oak Bark has been used as an astringent, toning and tightening loose and swollen tissue - really nice for such things as minor sunburn. The tannic acid is very beneficial for healing and purifies the blood.

Wormwood is an herb with biblical ties - it is the Bitter Root. As such it is an antiseptic and will aid healing by keeping the acid/alkaline levels proper for healing and rebuilding of sound tissue.

Comfrey Root is applied to the skin for ulcers, wounds, joint inflammation, bruises, rheumatoid arthritis, swollen veins (phlebitis), gout, and fractures.

Marshmallow Root is used for pain and swelling (inflammation) of the mucous membranes

Black Walnut Hull has anti-fungal and antibacterial activity as well as astringent effect that help in treating various skin diseases.

Other ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Lobelia, Vitamin E; Frankincense, Copaiba & Cypress therapeutic-grade essential essential oils.


All recommendations are believed to be effective, but since actual use of these products is beyond our control and can vary from individual to individual, no guarantee as to the effects of their use can be given nor liability taken. Products are for external use only and are NOT for oral consumption. All products are intended for adult use and must be kept out of reach of children and pets. Please do not use any herbal products if pregnant, nursing, have epilepsy or have underlying conditions restricting you from using natural products. Please seek medical advice before using if any of the previously stated conditions apply to you. These products have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, any medical condition, or substitute care by a medical practitioner. 

The Great Healer.

This creamy balm may heal any type of tissue trauma better than any product you have previously used.  Our Bone, Tissue & Cartilage Balm could help heal sunburn and razor burns, scrapes and bruises, abrasions and all skin tissue traumas—including sprains and ligament damage.

This is the jar you want by your side when recovering from joint surgery or from sprains, strains, broken bones and torn muscles.

Dare we say...EXPECT MIRACLES.

Herbs Are Older Than Dirt.

The use of plants as herbs has been important to all cultures since long before history was recorded. Hundreds of tribal cultures have used wild and cultivated herbs for medicinal and food purposes for thousands of years.

One form is Ayurvedic medicine, or Ayurveda, which is a holistic approach to healing & stresses that an individual’s good health is the result of a natural balance. Illness begins when there is an imbalance.