Unique Father's Day Gift for 2022. Perfect gift for Dad, Grandpa and Spouse. a

He Has Everything He Wants - Give Him What He Needs.

When I was 10 year's old, I knit my Dad the most awful bright purple tie for Father's Day. He was an elementary school principal, and wore a suit and tie everyday to school.

It was apparent I did not know how to drop stitches, or when to STOP knitting - since the final product was a snake-like purple mess roughly three-feet long. My dad welcomed this ugly knit tie with a such gratitude and appreciation - accepting it with his infamous twinkle in his eyes. He wore that tie to school on numerous occasions. The unselfish love he had for his family showed in everything he did.

We are all guilty of giving Dad some pretty bad gifts. The poor guy has received some doozies over the years. 

Fast forward to Father's Dad 2022.

We are suggesting a different angle this year for the BEST Father's Day gift. He doesn't want another drill or tube of sausage. Give him exactly what he NEEDS...a gift that shows how much you care about his back pain, his neck pain, his bum knee or his stiff shoulder.  Give him the gift of Comfortably Numb® Pain Relief.

Comfortably Numb® roll-on provides SUPER FAST & POWERFUL pain relief for all types of pain due to overly-worked muscles, stiff neck, arthritis, or just plain ol' bum knees. This easy-to-carry-take-it-everywhere bottle makes it convenient to become comfortably numb ANYTIME and ANYWHERE he is.

Your Dad doesn't even have to love Pink Floyd OR classic rock to love Comfortably Numb®...but we guarantee he'll appreciate it EVEN MORE if he does!

Trust us, you will become his favorite kid, spouse, or grandchild giving him what he truly needs this year. Much better present than a purple tie - or really - ANY tie in general. 

Classic Rock Gift Father's Day 2022





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