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Moko Organics

Comfortably Numb® Bundle With Red Light Therapy

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Give your body the healing help it needs to assist with pain and healing AND increase circulation to allow the body to heal more quickly. Feel all comfy & cozy with this COMFORTABLY NUMB® miraculous balm & red light therapy bundle.

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Directions for Use

Apply a dime-sized amount of CMFORTABLY NUMB® and a dime sized amount of BONE, TISSUE & CARTILAGE BALM on painful or injured area. let soak in for 5 minutes and set up red light therapy on area and relax for 20 minutes as the power of herbs and red light increases circulation to your painful spot. Works amazingly well due to the DMSO bringing the healing herbs deep into the tissues. Can be applied up to three times a day for three days, and then tapered off as you feel the relief accumulating. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.  Do not apply to open or broken skin.  Keep out of reach of children.  Pregnant women consult health care professional before use.


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The Bundle That Takes A Punch

This relief & healing bundle blends the EXTREME pain relief of Comfortably Numb®, the seemingly MIRACULOUS healing properties of Bone Tissue & Cartilage AND the natural healing modality of red and near infrared light therapy to help wipe-out pain and encourage healing in one fell swoop.